Improve Your Confidence with Personal Stylist and Mom Angela Barbagallo

For many moms, one of the appeals of becoming a WAHM is getting to work in our yoga pants. Why should moms worry about how they’re dressed?

Working from home means you can wear whatever you like. In whatever makes you comfortable. So if you love Yoga pants, go for it!

But, there is a difference between feeling confidently comfortable and wearing the next drab thing out of the clean washing basket.

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It is so tempting to buy lots of cute kids clothes. But is denying yourself to feel equally great the solution? If I got a dollar for every time I heard my clients say “I have not bought anything in years!”, I would have made a squillion over the last 17 years.

Ask yourself this next time you get dressed: how do you feel in your outfit? Would it throw you into a spin if a neighbour came by? Would you wear it to school pick up?

Women tend to frequently apologize about how they look in the company of other women: “Sorry I look a mess today” or “I had to rush out the door”, “Don’t look at me, little Johnny was up all night”.

This is why you need to be a “one minute mom”! Everyday showing up with confidence, because you deserve it!

What if you actually loved everything in your wardrobe, it all fits your shape and size now and it can be mixed and matched? How good would you feel and how easy would it be to get dressed in 30 seconds flat?

No time for make up? Perfect! It will take you 30 seconds to apply a little blush on your cheeks to brighten up your (sleep deprived) face with a healthy glow and add a touch of mascara.  If you want to be extra fancy you could have an easy lipstick or gloss ready to go in your handbag for a touch up in the car.

The “one-minute mom” is ready to go!

What are common wardrobe problems you see when working with moms?

I know from being a mom of 2 kids myself, life can be exhausting. And add work pressures to it, life can simply pass you by from one day to the next.

What I experience as a personal stylist with my clients is that they don’t like to ask for help. Help with some styling advice, which they know they really need. Or help with minding the kids when they go shopping. Even a little help with getting some “me” time to think their wardrobe through.

Moms book me to sort out their wardrobe, often at a time they feel the lowest about their body. They have “made do” for so long, feeling completely down on themselves. Not knowing what suits their post baby body or where to buy it from.

“I should have booked in with you sooner”, is something I hear all the time. Because, as soon as women taste the sweet feeling of confidence they realise how many years they missed out.

Quite often it is the first time in many years they have allowed themselves some “me” time. The female body can go through so many changes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, hormones and weight fluctuations.

It can land you in “in-between wardrobe” land, where your size and shape is just not quite the same anymore. I fine that it is during this time women are most lost at what to do. Unhappy with their current body but desperately needing some things to wear. And desperately wanting to feel better about themselves.

This is the time to stand up for yourself and to be 100% ok with “what is”.  A perfect time to go to the shops and buy some outfits that you love wearing.  A confidence boost much needed in times of body change.

Take it from a stylist, there are many flattering patterns, colour contrast combinations and great designs that will make you look slimmer instantly.

And also a great time to book in with a hairdresser to you give yourself permission to feel and look great with new do.

How do you see the way women dress changing their confidence? Do you think there’s a ripple effect in their business as well?

When you look after yourself, everything and everyone around you blossoms. If a beautiful rose is not watered how can it be a stunning flower?

Running a business requires confidence. So when you give yourself permission to invest time and money in what you love to wear, it will pay dividends. Your appearance is your ‘visual resume’. It will either create and support your reputation as a trustworthy, capable working mom or undermine it.

Psychologists have a term for this process, it is called the “horns and halo effect”. Once an initial judgement has been made the tendency is to lock onto what we believe and lock out anything to the contrary.

When your appearance does not support your capabilities, people will likely believe the evidence before their eyes. I have seen many many women during a style session gain confidence and kick some serious butt in their businesses. In my world, there is nothing better! My job is done!

Could you give us tips on how moms can feel more pulled together and confident in the way they look, without breaking their bank account?

Here are my 3 Golden Rules on how to be a stylish mom at any budget. To create a look you love, a style that makes you feel great and confident.

Golden Rule 1 Body Shape & Wardrobe

Measure your body shape. I have created a free, easy-to-use, body shape calculator for all shapes and sizes on my Style Angel website which is linked to lots of great shapes on a variety of body shape Pinterest boards.

Go through your wardrobe and leave no stone unturned. Only what you love stays and the rest goes. You simply don’t have time for anything but the best!

Create a wish list on your phone, just a like a shopping list. Write down what is missing in your wardrobe before you hit the shops.

And add a new mascara, blush & brush and lipstick to your shopping list. Those beauty items all have an expiry date of 12 months!

Tip 2 Do Your Research

When the kids are in bed give, yourself some time to head to your favourite stores online. Get inspired by looks you love. I recommend you sign up to their newsletters as you will receive latest mix and match outfits. And, even better, you will be in the know about any deals and discounts.

I love creating a Pinterest board so when I am at the shops looking at so many things, I have the images there.

Create a shopping plan with all the shops and brands you want to cover. Pick the ones you know will fit your budget.

Tip 3 Only Buy What You Love

Shop without your kids so you can be focussed on you for two to three hours (that is the usual duration of my style sessions).

I prefer to start at department stores where there are lots of brands all in one place. Select lots of things to try. Once you try them on go through questions in the change room such as these; “Do you love it?”, “Does it fit well?”, “What will it go with?” and “Will I wear this at home?”

Keep focussed on the wish list and don’t pay too much attention to what shop assistants say. You know when things feel right.

In doubt, take a picture of it in the mirror and re-evaluate at home. The 10 out 10’s will come to the surface.

Only ever buy the 10 out 10’s and you will always love what you wear!

About Angela Barbagallo

I am a 45 year old Personal Stylist and the creator of Style Angel. I was born in the Netherlands and 20 years ago I settled in stunning east coast of Sydney, Australia. Creating Style Angel has been my passion for the last 17 years. Being a Personal Stylist helping women and men be confident in what they wear. It is such an honour to see people blossom in front of my eyes, to see lives change and confidence return.

Last year my life suddenly changed when the love of my life, my husband of only 10 years, died in his sleep right next to me. So there I was, a young widow at 44 with two kids, Yasmine and Valentino, 10 and 7. Life had to keep going. No other choice but to move forward through every bit of grief along the way with the trust that I can do this.

As a single parent, I find that working from home, around my two kids’ school hours and activities, is how I can make it work. I can be there for them, and still create an income to support our family.

It is exciting delivering style advice throughout the world using technology. No longer do we need to be in same time zone to work together.

I have created a safe, women-only space on Facebook called Style Forum by Style Angel. Women can ask me any question in relation to body shape wardrobe, style or colour. I would love you to join us!

Want help to become a “one-minute-mom”? Head to the Style Angel website for a special Bonus offer. Connect at or on Instagram @angela_styleangel