How to Find a Job You Love by Avoiding 3 Job-Hunting Mistakes

We asked Michelle Ward, featured Mommikin and When I Grow Up Coach, what are the three most common job hunting mistakes that can stump you on how to find a job you love. And better yet, how to avoid them yourself! Here is her advice:

how to find the job you love

Mistake 1: Just applying online.

Stop it. If you’re really focused on how to find a job you love — when applying, reach out to the people you know and could/ would vouch for you, and let them know you’re looking. Something like 85% of open jobs don’t even make it online — instead, they’re filled by people in the organization who bring in people they know. Be one of those people.

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How to Find a Job You Love

Mistake 2: Being afraid to be specific about what you want.

Depending on your desperation level, you might be tempted to say to your network, “I’ll take anything!” But “I’ll take anything!” won’t ring any bells for the other person. Something like “I want to use my relationship-building skills to work at a start-up that needs a customer service superstar” will be able to spark the connection between you and whoever-that-person-might-know.

How to Find a Job You Love

Mistake 3: Hiding your outside interests!

Have a blog, or a side business, or a talent that you think isn’t relevant? No need to keep it a secret! Amp up the skills you learned from it and how it could apply to the job you’re seeking — and be secure in the fact that showing yourself as a real, multi-faceted person will only work in your favor at the right company.

So there you have it — use your network, it might seem odd to ask at first but it’s so much more effective than having your resume piled onto a heap of other ones to be ignored. Be specific on what types of jobs you’re looking for. Read our How to Craft an Elevator Pitch for tips on how to articulate what you do. And finally don’t be afraid to show off the skills you’ve learned from your side projects and outside interests!

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Michelle Ward

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