Mommy Jobs Online: 10 Skills That Can Turn into a Freelance Career

Freelancing represents freedom for many people. As a freelancer, you choose what you want to do and you decide how much you’re getting paid. The tricky part though is deciding what exactly what you want to do AND if you can get paid for it. You have to find an intersection of your skills, interest and what people are willing to pay for to find freelance work satisfying.

Here are 10 creative positions that are popular for freelance work.

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1. Graphic and Web Designer 

Design is one of the key ways businesses can differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Good design is seen as more important to a businesses than ever AND with the influx of new media, there’s more to be designed than ever. Design can be a fun, rewarding career for moms with a visual bent.

2. Proofreader and Editor 

If you have excellent command of a language, you could become a proofreader and make sure that any and all documents sent to you are free of grammatical errors and typos. If you want take it to the next level, you can become an editor — guiding texts to be more readable and potent. Great for grammar buffs and moms who love words.

3. Social Media Coordinator

Most companies need a social media presence, but not all need someone full-time to work on it. For many, it’s more cost effective to work with a freelancer who specializes in social media. Knowing how to run social for business is certainly more complex than using it in your personal life, however if you’re already active on social media you have the building blocks to begin.

4. Illustrator 

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but great art is worth so much more. Illustration can deliver a wealth of information at a glance and in a world saturated in photography, illustrations can cut through the clutter. Being an illustrator does require drawing skill and often a recognizable style.

5. Motion Designers

Video is everywhere and is only predicted to grow in upcoming years. Motion designers edit together video, stills and text to make engaging videos. Whether it’s feature length films or ads for Facebook, this is a high-demand job which you can do from the comfort of your pajamas.

6. Photographer 

These days everybody has a camera but not everyone knows how to take good photos. If you know how to take great pictures, you may have a job. If you love working with people, portraits, weddings and family photos might be up your alley. However there are also photographers who specialize in products, architecture, real estate or drone photography.

7.    Writer

It’s funny that writing used be seen as a dead-end. Now with businesses needing to constantly communicate with their customers, whether via social media, blogs, or video, writing is more important than ever. If you’re a wordsmith who always dreamed of calling yourself a writer, this is your moment to shine.

8. Marketer

There’s a whole slew of new types of marketing that have emerged with the internet and the good news is, they’re all very freelance-friendly. There’s SEO and content marketing, social media marketing, PPC strategy plus the whole range of pre-internet marketing…like good writing. If you have experience as a marketer, you should find an audience eager for your skills as a freelancer.

9. Translator

Businesses can end up dealing with people who don’t share their mother tongue, making communication difficult. That’s where you and your great language skills come in — translation work can pave the way for important deals and make sure everyone’s getting what they’re expecting. Get accredited and get to work.

10. Voice Over Work Artist

Between videos and audio-only media like audiobooks and podcasts, voice over artists are in high-demand. If you’ve got the voice, gear and talent, you’ve got recordings waiting for you.

Make no mistake, being a freelancer isn’t easy. Even when there’s high demand for your skills, getting started can be rocky. However, keep at it. If you find a skill that businesses are willing to pay to get help with you can refine your skills until the customers are lining up to work with you.

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