Design Hacks for a More Productive Home Office

Working from home may seem like a dream come true to many people, but staying productive with a house full of kids and a demanding spouse vying for your time can be daunting to say the least. It does not matter if you are running your own home business or telecommuting for a traditional employer; if you want to work effectively from home, you need to set up some ground rules.

You also need to create a smart and stylish home office – one that is conducive to productivity. The right design can have a huge impact on the home worker, yet design often gets overlooked when entrepreneurs and telecommuters are setting up their workspaces. Here are some simple design hacks to make your current home office more productive or get your new home office off to the best possible start.

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Spend Money Where it Counts

Whether you are telecommuting for your existing boss or striking out on your own, chances are you do not have unlimited funds. It is important to economize and save money where you can, but it is just as important to spend money where it really counts.

Buying the best office chair you can afford and the most ergonomically designed desk is a critical part of staying productive when working from home. Try out several chairs, test their support and look for the design that best fits your needs – your back will thank you.

Build in Storage Solutions

An organized home office is an efficient home office, but keeping everything where it belongs is no easy task. When designing your home office, look for furniture that doubles as an organizational tool. From stylish desks with extra deep drawers to glass bookcases with built-in storage cubes, there are plenty of home office furnishings that can do double duty as storage solutions.

Light Things Up

Choosing a suitable space for your home office is essential, but it is only the first step in a long process. When evaluating your office space, you will need to look for obvious things like the presence of telephone and data lines, but it is just as important to look at the lighting.

Many rooms simply do not have sufficient lighting to function as a productive home office. Adding an assortment of overhead lights, dedicated task lighting and adjustable lights can help you be more productive and get more done.

Adjustable lights on swivel arms can be particularly useful for the home office. The ability to get additional light where you need it is very important, and you will appreciate building those lighting solutions into your home office.

Keep It Within Reach

Keeping the things you use every day within easy reach will be very important to the productivity of your home office, so design your new space with care. Consider the distance between your desk phone and your chair, and between your computer and your file cabinet. Laying everything out in an organized manner will reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane tasks and free you for more important work.

Working from home can be very rewarding, but that does not mean it is always easy. From distractions by family members who think you are available at a moment’s notice to fruitless searches for misplaced files, making your home your workplace comes with a unique set of challenges. Designing your home office space for maximum productivity is one of the best things you can do to mitigate these challenges and enhance your productivity on the job.

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