sketchbook with plants around it

5 Best Sketchbooks to Bring Out Your Creativity

Many accomplished artists work only with sketchbooks of a certain format and this may very well be your MO. Whether you’re an experienced artist…

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writing op-ed

What Does Op-Ed Mean in Writing and How to Create a Convincing One

If you love powerful, persuasive writing, an op-ed is for you. The term op-ed means “opposite the editorial page.” It is typically written by…

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typewriter with plants

6 Creative Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home

It can be difficult to make a buck from your passion but if you’re looking for creative writing jobs you might just have some luck. The…

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Liz Samuel, Actress, Producer, and Writer, On Her Series, Inspired by Real-Life Mom Challenges

“Keep doing something every single day towards your goal.” Liz Samuel is an actress, producer, and writer with a series now available online called…

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How to Hire a Ghostwriter (So Your Readers Never Know!)

Curious about how to hire a ghostwriter? Many times when I tell someone that I’m a ghostwriter and write blogs for other people’s small…

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3 Things I Would NOT Do If I Started My Freelance Writing Business Again

OK WAHM’s, girlbosses and mompreneurs! Like me, you’re doing the grand juggling act, carrying endlessresponsibilities and multi-tasking like a pro. Not only do we…

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How I Found My First Paid Writing Gig: 18 Writers Tell-All

Getting your first paid writing gig is a big accomplishment and a milestone for many people wanting to develop a writing career. We asked…

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My Journey from Magazines to Blogging

By Estelle Erasmus I have a confession to make. Even though I have blogged just about once a week (or once every two weeks)…

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Balancing Acts: How I Got a Book Published

We asked photographer and featured mom, Lucy Gray to give us her best insights after going through the process of creating and publishing her…

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