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Is It Worth It To Sell On Etsy? Tips From 9 Successful Etsy Moms

Getting Started Some creative and entrepreneurial moms might consider the Etsy marketplace to sell their wares. But is it worth it to sell on…

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Mary-Anne Sarao, the BoomCase, and Running a Successful Family Business

Mary-Anne Sarao is the co-owner of BoomCase, a vintage suitcase sound system and a family business she runs with her husband, who founded the…

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Jewelry Maker and Metalsmith Kit Burke-Smith on craftsmanship, jewelry as wearable art, and becoming a mom

Since becoming a mom, I have developed a habit of intentionally leaving something unfinished right in the middle of my bench. This way, the…

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A Winning Career Shift: From Independent Filmmaker to Kid’s Clothing Designer

I truly love being around my kids and make most decisions based on that, but I also know that a career and creative fulfillment…

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How to Promote Your Product Line to the Product Market Successfully

I have been told, by so many of my friends, that my job as a buyer is glamorous. “You get to go to the…

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