What to Do When eBay Sales Are Down (Besides Panic)

Have you noticed your eBay sales are down or slowing? It’s a reason that strikes fear for most eBay sellers. Whether it’s a bad…

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eBay Suspended Your Account? Here’s How to Get Back

If you’re a small business owner selling successfully on eBay, one of your biggest nightmares is likely having your seller account suspended. eBay is…

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How to Promote Your Product Line to Retailers Successfully

I have been told, by so many of my friends, that my job as a buyer is glamorous. “You get to go to the…

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Meet Ana Bianchi the Founder of PaperGirl Collection

I strive to pay attention to details and make things and moments meaningful, beautiful and memorable.   Ana Bianchi, mom of a 6 year…

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Wendy Lawton: Award Winning Doll-Maker and Literary Agent

“I knew I had to capture [her] features forever — babyhood is so fleeting. For me — a lifetime lover of dolls — the…

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Laurel Wider is a Psychotherapist Turned Toy Inventor

Make time to play, not just for your kids, but also to ignite your own creativity! Laurel Wider is a psychotherapist with a speciality…

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Sunitha Kumar, Founder of Laughing Buddha Games Creates Games Inspired by Her Kids

Creative confidence and intellectual curiosity will get you anywhere you want to go. Sunitha Kumar Girish is the CEO and founder of Laughing Buddha…

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Hobbies That Make Money and Why to Pursue the Dream

by Jessica Blue By day, Jessica Blue is a fabulously attired teacher of French and English in St Paul, MN. By night (and late…

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Jewelry Maker Margaux Lange on Re-Membering Barbie, Fondly

However polarizing she may be, I believe Barbie can be a source of creative empowerment. My experience with the doll was distinctly positive in this way.

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Is It Worth It To Sell On Etsy? Tips From 9 Successful Etsy Moms

Getting Started Some creative and entrepreneurial moms might consider the Etsy marketplace to sell their wares. But is it worth it to sell on…

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