Radio Host Amy Faust on Getting Started & Being a Mom

Amy Faust (Scripps ’87) is a Portland-based morning radio host, freelance writer and former department head on the IFC show Portlandia. She’s a native…

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Jeannie Stith, Award Winning Voice Over Artist

In my fantasy, I could live in my sound booth and my husband and two daughters could visit often, bringing me fresh squeezed orange…

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Creative Thinking and How to Boost it by Examining Social Roles

According to a recent study published by Sarah Gaither in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, it was found that spending a few minutes thinking…

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Classical Piano Teacher and Pianist Rachel Jimenez Created a Teaching Method to Inspire Students with the Classics

Whenever I find myself getting frustrated while teaching, I think of how I would like a teacher to work with my son, and that…

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