Visual Inspiration: Mixed Media Artwork by Tasha Kasuma

Tasha Kusama is a contemporary mixed media artist, mom and painter based in the Los Angeles area. We love her use of color and…

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Painting with Thread by Stephanie K. Clark

    Salt Lake City based artist Stephanie K. Clark created these mixed media portraits and paintings using a mixture of paint, chalk, pencil,…

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Visual Inspiration: Everyday Items into Art by Tara Donovan

     Brooklyn based artist Tara Donovan created these large-scale installations and sculptures from everyday objects like scotch tape, plastic cups, and toothpicks. Her…

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Alessandra Cave on Shooting with Soul and Being a Visual Effects (VFX) Producer

Now I am finally at peace with the fact that in order to be the best mom I can be, I also have to…

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Visual Inspiration: Giant Flowers by Tiffanie Turner

San Francisco based architect and artist Tiffanie Turner fashioned these gorgeous giant gossamer paper flowers from paper mâché and Italian crepe paper. The exploration of…

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Sunitha Kumar, Founder of Laughing Buddha Games Creates Games Inspired by Her Kids

Creative confidence and intellectual curiosity will get you anywhere you want to go. Sunitha Kumar Girish is the CEO and founder of Laughing Buddha…

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Angela Tsai on Her Creative Journey as a Designer, Actor, Reporter, and Now, Enterpreneur

I now know after having my kids that I need to work, and to do something not just creative, but my own creative projects.…

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Confessions of a Paper Hoarder

by Ruth Dawkins I’ve always been a paper hoarder. As a child, and even as a teenager, I’d spend all my pocket money on…

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Jewelry Maker Margaux Lange on Re-Membering Barbie, Fondly

However polarizing she may be, I believe Barbie can be a source of creative empowerment. My experience with the doll was distinctly positive in this way.

Freelance Artist and Illustrator: Elizabeth Haidle on Creativity

“A lot of the beginning and middle can be intimidating. You are making something from nothing. It is up to you.” Elizabeth Haidle is…

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