Writer Lyz Lenz on Deadline Inspiration, Fear of Rejection and Not Having Time for Writer’s Block

“I don’t have patience for writers block or the creative process. I just put some words on paper and edit the hell out of…

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Creativity Ever After? What it’s Like to Be Married to Your Creative Partner

Although our wedding was in 2008, my husband and I have been married for 36 years. I know it sounds impossible, but it all…

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dating profile writer

An Online Dating Profile Writer on Her Unique Business

Molly Ann Quigley is founder of Online Dating Cheerleader, a writing & coaching service dedicated to helping online daters write authentic dating profiles that…

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Creative Thinking and How to Boost it by Examining Social Roles

According to a recent study published by Sarah Gaither in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, it was found that spending a few minutes thinking…

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Culinary Educator Nan Doyle on How Cooking for Friends and Family Is the Purest Way of Expressing Love

“Once you start playing around in the kitchen, things start to make sense. It’s science plus creativity plus perseverance, combining with sensuality and nature…

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5 favorite things I’ve learned about creative moms

Maybe it’s the mulled wine or being stuck inside with bored kids climbing on me, but this time of year always makes me a…

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How to Find a Job You Love by Avoiding 3 Job-Hunting Mistakes

We asked Michelle Ward, featured Mommikin and When I Grow Up Coach, what are the three most common job hunting mistakes that can stump…

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A Career Coach On How You Can Find Your Dream Job

The most important thing to do to discover work that feels like play is to believe that it’s possible. Michelle Ward (CPC, PCC) has…

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Secrets to balancing motherhood and career while looking flawless with Jeanene Mack, Personal Stylist

“I love working with all women but especially mothers. I know first hand how difficult it is to juggle the day to day activities…

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How I lost my creativity

When I was in design school, I had a 20 minute walk from my apartment on the Lower East Side to class. In that…

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