How to Find a Job You Love by Avoiding 3 Job-Hunting Mistakes

We asked Michelle Ward, featured Mommikin and When I Grow Up Coach, what are the three most common job hunting mistakes that can stump…

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What Makes You Unique (And Why It Matters in Your Creative Career!)

Sometimes it feels like there’s so many people out there, all doing something similar to me. How do I even begin to differentiate myself?…

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How to Write About Yourself: 5 Steps to a Perfect Professional Bio

How do you write a professional bio on yourself? I’m struggling with coming up with a bio that sounds confident but not braggy, approachable…

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5 Things You Should Ask Freelancers Before Hiring Them

Many entrepreneurs know how valuable freelancers can be. They’re comparatively inexpensive labor you can hire for specific jobs. Things such as cost reduction and…

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