Mommy Jobs Online: 10 Skills That Can Turn into a Freelance Career

Freelancing represents freedom for many people. As a freelancer, you choose what you want to do and you decide how much you’re getting paid.…

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No Experience Online Job

No Experience Online Jobs and Freelancing Success: The 5 Steps

Are you considering starting freelancing but have no experience? There’s no denying the attractions of the freelance life. You can choose your own projects,…

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4 Pros and 4 Cons of Being a WAHM (Work at Home Mom)

For many moms, working from home may seem like the dream job. As with everything in life, however, there are two sides to every…

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5 First Steps to Finding A Career You Love

When you’re thinking of changing careers, you often envision a few things: much greener grass than what you’re used to grazing on being well-rested…

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hobbies that make money

Hobbies That Make Money and Why to Pursue the Dream

by Jessica Blue By day, Jessica Blue is a fabulously attired teacher of French and English in St Paul, MN. By night (and late…

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is selling on Etsy worth it

Is It Worth It To Sell On Etsy? Tips From 9 Successful Etsy Moms

Getting Started Some creative and entrepreneurial moms might consider the Etsy marketplace to sell their wares. But is it worth it to sell on…

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How to Find a Job You Love by Avoiding 3 Job-Hunting Mistakes

We asked Michelle Ward, featured Mommikin and When I Grow Up Coach, what are the three most common job hunting mistakes that can stump…

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Should Price Discriminate Your Freelance Rates?

Should you charge all of your clients the same amount? Lauren Fritsch, consultant, coach to many top CEO’s and leaders, and owner of The…

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The Mommikin birth story and our mission

Larissa and I met in 2003 in graduate school at Parson’s School of Design in New York City. (Yes, the one from Project Runway,…

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