marketing interns

How to Get the Perfect Marketing Internship

Marketing changes rapidly so having a hands-on marketing internship with professionals working in the field can be an invaluable jump start to your career.…

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What Does a Marketing Consultant Do Anyway?

Marketing consultants work as an outside advisor to companies by designing, guiding and implementing their marketing strategies. The exact work can vary greatly depending…

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9 Best Part-Time Work-From-Home Roles

If you are a creative mom who likes the idea of part-time work-from-home, you’re in luck. There are a ton of creative jobs you…

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Making Unpaid Work Pay Off: How to List Volunteer Work on Your Resume

Many people who have taken time off when their kids are young find it difficult to jump immediately back into the working world. Volunteer…

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woman giving elevator pitch to man

How to Craft a Dynamic Elevator Pitch With Examples

Creating an elevator pitch that speaks to your potential client a communicates the best of what you have to offer is an art form.…

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heart hands on pregnant woman

How I Used My Maternity Leave To Start My Business

I wasn’t always a small business owner; I made the decision to work for myself when I was 7 months pregnant. At the time,…

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How to Start Freelancing Successfully Without Experience

Are you considering starting freelancing but have no experience? There’s no denying the attractions of the freelance life. You can choose your own projects,…

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woman with tablet

How to Present Your Digital Portfolio: Tips from a Creative Recruiter

I’m a designer and I’m not sure how to present a digital portfolio! It is the biggest make-or-break factor in a hiring decision. However,…

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Suzanne O’Brien, Floral Designer, On Having Her Dream Career, and Showing Her Kids They Can Too

I appreciate that my kids see me living my dream. I didn’t settle for the average 9 – 5. I’m living my dream. I made it…

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Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Going Back to Work

After having a child, it can be difficult to get back to work. Of course, it may be necessary with all of the new…

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