10 Best Pencil Pouches to Keep Everything Handy (2020)

Dealing with clutter, be it stationary or paperwork as an artist, student, or working professional, can be frustrating. You often have to search for your markers,…

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9 Best Stress Balls to Squish & Relax With (2020)

Stress balls are an excellent avenue to release all your anxiety, improve motor skills, loosen stiff muscles, promote blood circulation, and strengthen grip. These…

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8 Best Drafting Chairs for a Happy Back (2020)

A drafting chair serves a critical purpose for artists, engineers, and architects. You can reach across different tables and oversee work thanks to their…

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9 Best Footrests to Improve Your Seated Posture (2020)

Poor posture is a killer whether at the office, your kitchen table, or anywhere else you may find yourself sitting. If your desk chair…

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woman giving elevator pitch to man

How to Craft a Compelling Elevator Pitch With Examples

Creating an elevator pitch that speaks to your potential client a communicates the best of what you have to offer is an art form.…

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10 Best Binders to Organize Your Life and Office (2020)

School years, household paperwork, art sets, and organization — binders are wonderful tools for wrangling all your papers. Finding the right one is simple…

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sketchbook with plants around it

5 Best Sketchbooks to Bring Out Your Creativity

Many accomplished artists work only with sketchbooks of a certain format and this may very well be your MO. Whether you’re an experienced artist…

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woman with tablet

How to Present Your Digital Portfolio: Advice from a Creative Recruiter

I’m a designer and I’m not sure how to present a digital portfolio! It is the biggest make-or-break factor in a hiring decision. However,…

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6 Best Desk Fans: Increase Office Air Flow & Comfort (2020)

Are you dealing with stifling summer heat or are you just stuck working at a stuffy desk? There’s a lot of reasons to get…

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writing op-ed

What Does Op-Ed Mean in Writing and How to Create a Convincing One

If you love powerful, persuasive writing, an op-ed is for you. The term op-ed means “opposite the editorial page.” It is typically written by…

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