How to Photograph Your Kids: 8 Ways to Get Beautiful Family Shots

Moms are always the ones behind the lens snapping happy family moments. A lot of us will probably have hundreds of pics of our kids on our phones. Why not explore your artistic side while also taking beautiful family shots?

Photography is a great way to unleash your creativity as a mother and find your style. Whether you choose to display your photos on Instagram or get them printed onto canvas squares to hang on the walls, you can develop your own aesthetic as you experiment with different techniques.

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When photographing your children you often get better photos by taking lots of shots of them freely playing or exploring and then choosing the perfect one. Sometimes a brightly colored prop (such as a hot pink doorway or a bright yellow Macintosh) can be all it takes to add interest to your snaps.

With smartphone cameras getting better and better it’s easier than ever to take great family photos. And to crop and edit them afterward too.

Whether you hand the camera to a friend, your partner, your mum or even a passing stranger, use a tripod or take a selfie, here are some ideas to snap some magical moments. And Mama remember to get into those photos too!

1. Everyday beauty

Family photos don’t always have to be posed. Instead of standing in a line, grinning at the camera, ask someone to take lots of snaps of you at play, when you can all act as if the camera isn’t there.

2. Magical moments of motherhood

Don’t always save getting the camera out on special trips out and family days but pick it up to capture the ordinary magical moments you share with your kids.

The times when you’re snuggled up reading a book, when you’re pottering in the garden, when you’re giving a big squeezy hug. Take lots of photos to capture these everyday moments that are really the ones you’ll treasure when you look back.

3. Mother’s day montage

Ask someone to take a photo of you and your children every Mother’s Day. Over the years you’ll build up a beautiful montage of motherhood through the years.

4. Hands and feet

Family photos don’t always have to feature your faces. You can take some wonderful photos focusing on your hands or feet: wellies in a circle, hands holding flowers, legs splashing in puddles.

5. A bird’s eye view

Try taking some photos from an overhead angle. You might need to be a little creative to stand on chairs or steps but you can shoot some really lovely photos looking down from above. Or try lying down on the floor and taking snaps from this perspective too.

6. Interesting backgrounds

While not every photo has to be staged look for things that make interesting backgrounds. It could be a stretch of grass covered in autumn leaves where you and the kids can lie down or kick the leaves. It could be throwing cherry blossom rain in the air. Or look around the neighborhood for brightly colored doorways or interesting graffiti to stand in front of.

7. Use props

Props can be anything from rainbow wellies to a straw hat. From bubbles to a bunch of flowers. From a tree branch in the woods to a field full of long grasses. Let your child play and explore with the prop, which will add interest to your final photo.

8. Monochrome

If it’s one of those days when you’ve been up all night with the baby and you really feel like you’re not looking very human then black and white is the kindest shot. If you don’t take the photo in black and white you can always add a filter later.

So happy snapping of yourselves and your little ones. It will be well worth it to look back on the beautiful images you create of your own unique family life.

However, you find your photo style as a mom, make sure you are in plenty of the photos too. When you all look back through your family snaps no-one will notice your messy mum bun or the lines under your eyes from a broken night’s sleep. What you’ll all notice is the happy smiles on your faces, the joy radiating from your kids’ happiness captured in a moment.

In all the family moments you snap, make sure you are there as the center of it all. Mamas – get in the photos too.

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