About Us

Our mission is to celebrate creative moms.
Join us and together let’s create a community of to support and inspire each other!

Larissa and Lina, the founders of Mommikin, met in 2003 in graduate school at Parson’s School of Design in New York City. We bonded over late nights at the 24-hour diner which provided the nubby crayons, paper tablecloths and patient wait staff which enabled so many of our projects. We were both particularly interested in the intersection of design, storytelling and social commentary and were forever coming up with quirky, personal projects (with varying success) that addressed topics we felt passionate about.

10 years and 3 kids later, some things had changed and some things hadn’t. We still yearned to be creatively and professionally challenged but found that motherhood had brought on a whole new set of frustrations and challenges. The two hour lunches to brainstorm a project had turned into 15 minute google chats between kids’ naps. We both realized that being a mom and balancing any sort of career is just darn hard, and we wanted to create a community of moms who could inspire and nurture each other.

In 2019, Sacramento creative mom, Mary-Anne Sarao, pregnant with twins(!!) and also feeling our similar challenges, joined the Mommikin team.

We created mommikin.com to give moms working as creative professionals a place to vent, grow and inspire each other. Whether you want to grow a creative business or start freelancing after a maternity hiatus, we want Mommikin to be a resource for you.

As a mother of 4 who quit her day job to write and develop a career through that writing, I admire what these women are doing and support them fully. It’s easy to fade into nothing once kids are born. It’s easy to watch days then weeks and years flash by while we keep muttering “one day” and grow, perhaps, a little resentful.

Creative work is important work, and if you have something in you, a nudge from the universe telling you “Create this. Make this,” you should probably do it.

The rest of us want to see.

—Janelle Hanchett, RenegadeMothering.com

Lina Fenequito is the Managing/Technical Director for Good World Media, which she co-founded in 2007. Lina also served as an adjunct professor at Parson’s School of Design and is the creator of the Swap-O-Matic, which was featured on CNN.com, Fast Company, and Wired.com. She earned her MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons, where she conceived projects that addressed social issues and building community through digital media.

Larissa Pickens is the founder and Creative Director of Float Design working with a range of clients from Calvin Klein, Scholastic, Estee Lauder, and Conde Nast to start-up businesses and individuals. She met Lina in the Design and Technology MFA program at Parsons School of Design — back when pulling an all-nighter meant debugging a project, instead of wrangling a cranky baby.

Mary-Anne Sarao is the co-owner of BoomCase, a vintage suitcase sound system and a family business she runs with her husband, who founded the company. She has a background in fine art and has a love for all things vintage.
Mary-Anne currently resides in Sacramento where her growing family enjoys finding new delicious places to eat, traveling, treasure hunting, making art, being creative and of course listening to amazing sounding music through her BoomCase. Check out more on Mary-Anne and the BoomCase at TheBoomCase.com and follow her on Instagram @AnnexBoomcase.