Secrets to balancing motherhood and career while looking flawless with Jeanene Mack, Personal Stylist

“I love working with all women but especially mothers. I know first hand how difficult it is to juggle the day to day activities…

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Best Office Decor: Decoration Meets Functionality (2020)

While working from home can be a dream come true, keeping your focus and motivation while working at home has its own unique set…

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5 Tips for Going from Work to the Playground in Style

Since I had kids, I seem to look constantly schlubby. My old outfits are too “dry-clean only” to handle the playground but even as…

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What Should A Creative Wear to an Interview or Business Meeting?

As a creative, do you dread figuring out what to wear to an interview or client meeting? It’s agonizing — I want to look…

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5 favorite things I’ve learned about creative moms

Maybe it’s the mulled wine or being stuck inside with bored kids climbing on me, but this time of year always makes me a…

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