The brand of my boy.

March 25, 2015 Stories

So in my quest to advertise you into greatness, the first thing to do is to create a brand.

Your brand will not be based on what kind of career I want you to pursue, but what kind of man I want you to be.

I can’t really do anything about the career path you choose. But let me put in a plea against these–the NBA, the NFL, rapper, rapper entourage, travel agent, drug dealer (Glaxo Smith Kline/food manufacturer) and any sort of engineering. I never met an engineer whose job I can understand. You do fucking what for Accenture? No, sir, you may not buy me a drink.

Also? A job at Monsanto will make me feel like I have failed you as a mother. I don’t care how much money it pays you.

Yours will be based on the man that I want you to be when you are 25. I’ve been imagining you at 25. Post college. Or mid-startup. Or both. (I SEE YOU, STARTER LEAGUE BOYS). I’m watching actual 25 year olds of today? What traits do I want to encourage and discourage?

You need some brand pillars. What do you stand for? When people think of you, the man, how do I want them to describe you?

Normally a planner would have the lead on this kind of thinking but I’m yo mama and that kinda makes me a client. No point in pulling in the strategic planner if I have no concept of where I want to go. At least an idea that she can help me vet and grow.

When I’m working on a problem at the ad agency, I always leave my computer keys and pick up a pen. So I have been doodling and scribbling on your behalf. I debated straightforward qualities like, CURIOSITY.

Or perhaps taking more license, like SWASHBUCKLER.

I felt like I was cheating a little with that. I’m cramming a bunch of things into one word. Swashbuckler means bold and daring risk taker, a bit of a romantic figure. Prone to adventure. Courageous. A bit brash and confident.

That’s one word and 46 things to do to get you there.

Is that good? Too big?

I’m meeting with your planner.

That’s funny. You have a nanny and a strategic planner. How many kids that aren’t named Kardashian can say that?

DELIVERABLES: Your brand name, look and brand pillars.

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Shanteka Sigers is senior vice president executive creative director at Sanders\Wingo.
Business Insider lists her as one of the Most Creative Women In Advertising. Black Enterprise named her a Top Women Executives in Advertising and Marketing. Complex Magazine called her one of the Top Creative Innovators and published her advice for creative professionals.
She has created advertising campaigns for McDonald’s, AT&T, Verizon, Chevrolet, Toyota and more. She has supervised productions with celebrities such as Blake Griffin, Mary J. Blige, Venus and Serena Williams, Sanya Richards-Ross and Diggy. Her work has been acknowledged by pop culture tastemakers, such as Pharrell Williams and The Source magazine.
At heart, she is a writer. Her blog, Library Of Maternal Nagging was voted Best of Austin by the Austin Chronicle. The Chicago Reader and The Evansville Review have published her works of short fiction.
Sigers received a B.S. in radio television and film from Northwestern University and lives in Austin, Texas, with her son.