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Does my creativity help or hinder my child’s confidence?

I was recently reprimanded for drawing with my young daughter. Upon observing this horrendous act – of us drawing together – a very experienced and well-meaning…

Acting While Pregnant | How I Managed a Successful Career with Baby

  By Jennifer Weedon Green When in doubt, Google it. That’s always been my motto. I’m big on research, both online and off. When my…

It All Began with an Argument About Money, but Lead to So Much More

by Janine Huldie I forget how that fateful fight started, but do recall it was over money — or the lack thereof. Between my husband…

Mother versus Writer: A Tug of War

by Julianne Palumbo The place where motherhood and creativity intersect is a precarious one. I say this—two books, a magazine, and three children later. When…

Confessions of a Paper Hoarder

by Ruth Dawkins I’ve always been a paper hoarder. As a child, and even as a teenager, I’d spend all my pocket money on magazines…

Polka-Dots, Stripes and Glitter Everywhere: How I Learned to Let My Daughter Dress Herself

by Kimberly Haydn Until April 11, 2015: Follow us on Instagram and join our “Best Self-Dressed” Giveaway! At my core, I am a perfectionist. More…

The Power of Pretend… At Any Age from Lily Jones, Teacher and Founder of CreativityPacks

When we got up this morning, my nearly three-year-old daughter announced that she was a baby porcupine and declared me the mama porcupine. She explained…

8 Fun Music Activities for Kids of All Ages from Music Teacher Lisa Carmody

Keep hearing about how great music is for kids’ development but need a little help thinking up fun musical activities to do with them? Music…

9 Ways This Pinterest-Phobic Mom Gets Her Creativity On

by Susan Maccarelli This is not a post bashing moms who embrace Pinterest. In fact, I love those moms.  I have a feeling that if…

How to Get Your Kids to Love Drawing: Tips from an Art Teacher

“My favorite thing about being a teacher was seeing kids start the semester feeling frustrated and unexcited about drawing; however, by the end of the…

5 things I learned about creativity from my son

  1. Anything can be used as a drawing utensil and canvas (for example, much of my son’s work is string cheese on window pane)….

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