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Love + Art = Marriage

by Melinda Fay Cohabiting like marriage is tough on the ego. Particularly when you come together later in life after all your bad habits are…

Visual Inspiration: Everyday Items into Art by Tara Donovan

     Brooklyn based artist Tara Donovan created these large-scale installations and sculptures from everyday objects like scotch tape, plastic cups, and toothpicks. Her artwork…

Visual Inspiration: Giant Flowers by Tiffanie Turner

San Francisco based architect and artist Tiffanie Turner fashioned these gorgeous giant gossamer paper flowers from paper mâché and Italian crepe paper. The exploration of scale…

Baking Without Regrets

by Liz Weidhorn The phrase “I live with no regrets” has never been uttered from my lips. Don’t get me wrong—I’m a relatively happy person,…

Confessions of a Paper Hoarder

by Ruth Dawkins I’ve always been a paper hoarder. As a child, and even as a teenager, I’d spend all my pocket money on magazines…

Polka-Dots, Stripes and Glitter Everywhere: How I Learned to Let My Daughter Dress Herself

by Kimberly Haydn Until April 11, 2015: Follow us on Instagram and join our “Best Self-Dressed” Giveaway! At my core, I am a perfectionist. More…

Be Creative While Watching Football! A Game for 2 Players

There are many reasons to watch your favorite team toss around the pigskin, to celebrate and admire amazing athletic ability, build camaraderie with fellow fans,…

4 Tips for Helping Kids Get Excited About Cooking from Cookbook Author Katie Workman

Here’s some tips from this week’s featured mom Katie Workman on getting kids excited in the kitchen. 1. Let them pick the seasoning and taste…

Storytelling with Dinosaurs: How to Encourage Kids to Develop Their Own Stories from Abigail Samoun, Children’s Book Editor

We asked this week’s featured mom, Abigail Samoun, book editor extraordinaire and co-founder of Red Fox Literary, what creative activities she likes to do with…

5+ Great Bedtime Books for Little Sleepyheads from Abigail Samoun, Children’s Book Agent

We asked this week’s featured mom, book editor and agent Abigail Samoun of Red Fox Literary for some of her favorite books to read to…

Fun Drawing Game for Kids from Illustrator Stephanie Roth Sisson: What You DON’T See Is What You Get

Our featured mom and illustrator, Stephanie Roth Sisson, shared this delightful drawing game for kids that you can do with your little ones. Sure to…

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