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Mothers Gain Confidence Through Creative Projects

I don’t know about you, but being a mom challenges my confidence every day. Not a day goes by when I doubt my ability to turn my whiny, tantrum-throwing son into a functioning member of society.

Moms can be especially prone to hits to our self confidence. Pouring so much of our time and energy into our children, we sometimes lose  ourselves in the process. It can be especially hard for creative moms; study after study shows that creativity is best incubated while letting the mind wander through boredom–something we are in constant shortage of. But the good news is that studies have also shown that the simple act of engaging in creative activities can help build confidence as well.

A photography exhibit titled “Through Our Lens,” displayed pieces created during a workshop designed to build confidence and job skills in young mothers through an immersive creative process.

The group of women took photographs while traveling to cities between Vermont and Montreal, capturing and experiencing the differences in language, culture, and customs. Photographer Kelly Holt, led the workshop and explained why it was important to encourage these women artists out of their comfort zones:

“This workshop really grew from an interest in art and identity, building a sense of self-confidence through the actual process of art-making, making discoveries and questioning those discoveries, and then coming to a new place with yourself and with your work.”

The results of this project have inspired these women to pursue activities from furthering their education to seeking out programs to bettering their communities.

See the story at Vermont Public Radio.

Above photo: “Slow in Motion,” is one of the shots on display in the exhibit “Through Our Lens,” showcasing a variety of photos local women took while on a trip to Montreal.