Creativity Boosters + How-tos, From Lina

Be Creative While Watching Football! A Game for 2 Players

There are many reasons to watch your favorite team toss around the pigskin, to celebrate and admire amazing athletic ability, build camaraderie with fellow fans, and to savor the adrenaline rush and thrill of a nail-biter. However, in terms of finding a creative outlet, not so much. So we put our heads together to create this Mommikin original game that can help you incorporate a little extra fun and creativity into the all American Thanksgiving pastime of football watching. Suitable for kids and adults, alike!

Introducing, Mommikin’s Football Watching Bingo!

Download the printable PDF of the game boards and cards.

To play: Print and cut out the game boards and cards above. Give each player a board and place the cards in a face-down pile. Pay attention to the football game! When an action listed on your game board occurs, pick up a card from the stack and do the creative activity. When finished, use a coin or bean to mark the completed square on your game board. The player with the most completed squares at the end of the football game wins!

Happy creating and an even happier Thanksgiving!