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Explore Shapes, Pattern, and Composition with Industrial Designer Sonjie Solomon

December 12, 2014 Creative Kids, From Featured Moms

Industrial Designer Sonjie Solomon shares an activity inspired by a class she taught at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In her class, her students explored 2D and 3D composition by creating unique 2D shapes and patterns and transforming them into modular 3D textiles. exercise

She’s modified the activity to help your child to experiment with shapes, patterns, and composition!
I tried this with my 3 year old, and he loved it!

1. Create a simple shape.
I let my son doodle on some cardboard.
2. Cut it out of cardboard to make a stencil.
His doodle was a bit freeform, so I just chose a portion to cut out. He wanted it to be a bulldozer, so this was the best I could do. It’s sort of reminiscent of a bulldozer arm, no?

3. Then try different combinations by multiplying that shape with a stencil to create patterns on paper. Try randomly placing them on the paper. Trace them side by side. Try overlapping them. Stack them on top of each other.
We used a watered down poster paints to fill in the stencils. Love the colors he chose! Are we ready for RISD yet!? 😉 Thanks to Sonjie for the fun activity!


Sonjie Feliciano Solomon was born in Manila, Philippines and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Sonjie received a marketing/business degree from Georgetown University. She has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe and her work as a copywriter for traditional and interactive advertising agencies led to stints in New York, Hong Kong and Boston. Unsatisfied with staring at a computer screen all day, she craved the fulfillment of creating things with her hands and returned to art school.

After receiving a degree in industrial design with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design, she worked for a variety of furniture and product design companies. And her sculpture and paintings have been shown in solo and group shows in NY, MA, FL, RI, MI and Korea. These projects straddle the line between art, craft and design.

In 2011, she put her first product out with her bootstrapped company, Hatch Things, which aims to create simple solutions for parents. This move was inspired by her life as the mom of 3 active boys and desire to solve some basic parenting frustrations.