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6 Tips on Organizing Family Photos Every Mom Needs to Know

“Feeling liberated from the stress and guilt of ignoring my photos for years, I found the process so enjoyable that I began to create photo narratives for family and friends.” —Isabelle Dervaux

Do you take tons of photos but aren’t so good at figuring what to do with them afterwards? Are your precious memories scattered in your email, random folders on your computer and shoved in kitchen drawers? This week’s featured mom Isabelle Dervaux began working as a professional photo organizer after conquering the chaos of her own family’s photos.


She shares her tips on organizing family photos with us:

✔ Delete bad photos right away from your phone or camera.

✔ Pick one location to keep a master collection of all your photos, especially if you have more than one computer in the family.

✔ Download your photos regularly and make brutal selections. Ask yourself if this photo would mean anything in 5, 10 20 years.

✔ Each time you get an email with a fantastic picture from friends or family, export it right away into your master collection. If you want to do something with it at the crunch time before the Holidays, ask to have a high res picture sent to you so you’ll have it on hand.

✔ Learn to use the features of the software you use to dump all your photos. Rate and tag your pictures. Group them in a way that make sense to you and your spouse so you can locate any picture easily.


A Bonus 6th One (very important!):

✔ Have a back up plan, a double back up plan and a triple back up plan.